the cultural-shock

Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

Whitsun 2024

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To all Members of Government

and current Rulers


To the World Population

Luebeck, 18 May 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

Letter for Whitsun 2024

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

Quite a few people have already been informed by the Authorities, at least by my person, through the Monumental-Area, which is preferably rather unpleasant for me personally, as my credibility could probably suffer as a result. However, this can actually only be the case if other people will also be in a "raised lifeline" and are connected to my line or will touch it. So every single person has his or her own lifeline, which is certainly at least doubly secure, especially as this lifeline of the life record will certainly also be stored in the supposedly unused part of the person's "brain".

Of course, there was a point in my life when my person had to decide in favour of or against the matter, despite an unpleasant dismissal on my part, and so my person could naturally think that the past in her life could also be drawn retroactively into the present and made public in our digital atomic age.

People should be able to recognise from this alone that every person's life is valuable and should be taken seriously and that if it ends at some point on earth, it will continue somewhere for this soul, including the lifeline, as the lifeline or the life record "stored" by the Creator will also remain. If, of course, something abnormal living technical has connected with Creation, which may almost certainly have happened, then this or that life record of each person is managed by this living technology and can be transmitted to Earth via satellites through the dominance of Creation.

The deviant being can also show itself somewhere through the change of dominance with the Creation and with the help of the devilish, which is wanted by the Creation, perhaps to put very specific people into a state of shock, but hopefully this "deviant technical rooster" will not succeed! Because the servant of God or the invisible Cudgel of my person probably already exists between or even in this sphere*.

Furthermore, the Lord and Creator has clearly engaged with us humans and relied on us as humanity. He has equipped his human Creation with great spiritual power and with all kinds of inventiveness and technical aids worldwide and has appointed and called an Authority consisting of three people.

He has spared no expense, as tourism and the automotive industry have become particularly costly, as the environment has also suffered in this respect and, unfortunately, Creation still has to pay the price today! But now man wanted to use nuclear energy or the generation of electricity by using batteries to power an environmentally friendly automotive industry in order to reduce the Co² content in the atmosphere, which again cannot be thought through to the end, because this requires quite a lot of electricity.

After all, nuclear power plant electricity generation is particularly disastrous when the cooling water for the fuel rods consists of nothing more than a warm broth. Summer hasn't even started yet, but temperatures have already climbed to summery heights on the thermometer in May 2024.

However, the exploitation of the old and shaken earth, which is also being abused by all sides for warlike purposes, will also have very disastrous consequences, because not only will earthquakes and volcanic eruptions continuously increase and intensify, but according to the observations of my person, who is interested in the earth, there will be various earth collapses in which many of the world's population affected will lose their lives due to the carelessness and greed of even individual people!

So every thinking person should come to his or her senses as quickly as possible and adjust in good time to a much more modest and simple life without excessive luxury, so that life can remain worth living for everyone and future generations are also protected. We must learn again to do without many things in order to distribute the available food, water and goods fairly around the world, so that all people will strengthen the dominance of Creation and not weaken it!

Of course, this can only happen through a common pace and direction, in which the exit of the industrialised nations is the solution for future-oriented success, but with the exception of at least two Asian countries, which will supply the world population conditionally according to need and quality, as already determined. Of course, the digital world and everything that goes with it will remain intact during the transition period, so that each captured lifeline will be recognisable as already described and the counterpart pole belonging to this lifeline, usually the particular woman or man, will have to be brought together by swapping the wedding couples, including the different cultures.

In special cases, the correctly assigned pole of a person is indeed our Lord God Jesus Christ, which then characterises a true religious sister or a true clergyman, but in our end times this or an even higher connection can also be valid for the high-born. 

Of course, as a reader you are now wondering why this letter on Whitsun is sometimes so gloomy and so frightening. But I simply say to myself that there are enough people in the world who have always glossed over reality and will not stop doing so so easily. Besides, there are really nice cultural events and other things that everyone should be allowed to do to clear their heads and forget their real worries for a moment.

Of course, my person cannot decide alone, without King Juergen and Emperor Diethard, what is urgent in the matter, as a consensus between our three people will be necessary. Furthermore, I unfortunately do not know the Emperor's state of health, nor do I know who could give me any information in this regard. Unfortunately, as has already been the case, almost everyone is his own neighbour and so it may soon be too late for the matter and the commission, also because my person will not be able to travel for much longer!

However, I suspect that the Emperor comes from a part of his family of Oriental origin and my person, on the contrary, probably comes from a family of Occidental origin, and therefore the whole world lies between us.

In the hope that my person has not overwhelmed you and other readers with this letter at Whitsun,

I remain with kind regards

and wish you all

Happy Whitsun

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: The family of my former father-in-law, although I was very fond of my Silesian mother-in-law, probably originally comes from the Arab world and so everything fits together, even the devilish and everyone finds themselves here or elsewhere and comes together! 20.05.2024* Document checked.