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Equal Rights ?

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To all

Citizens worldwide

Luebeck, 11 January 2024

That German-language document you may find here!

"ALEXA, please be so kind and switch on the transmitter for me!


Snowy, please don't sniff people again, because that's not proper!"

But hopefully you still realise that you are a man or a woman, don't you?

Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are once again having trouble, because the way you and others are organising your lives can only result in "nonsense" for more and more people.

How can it have become possible, for example, that so many dog owners want to communicate with an animal in the same way as with a person and even teach the animal good manners, as one woman recently seriously tried to do when a dog wanted to sniff my person! What is actually going on here with you or others? Are we already in a closed institution for the mentally handicapped or is it still an open institution?

Having to raise this question is more than just sad!

Who, if not me, will get you and others out of this madness? And to have to make this observation is more than just frightening and gives the impression that almost all other people have already been made mentally  "cleared away".*  Unfortunately, at the same time, many thousands of people have to die of starvation every day because of this mental disability due to a failure to provide help by giving not* away the food they need, and that is not acceptable!

What exactly is my person supposed to write and do so that you can find yourself? What else and for how long should the highest costs of others be trampled on? Artificial intelligence is now being added to the daily lives of the mentally challenged, but what else is there to say, because particularly polite communication with a technically highly developed electronic apart, which presents and guarantees a friendly response and pleasant voice, is the order of the day!

This can no longer be true!

So the only option left to those responsible in this matter is to temporarily disenfranchise the mentally handicapped or disabled societies, because the spirit of the times is catching up with everyone, including many young children who are capable of making decisions!

Basically, every thinking person should know or realise this:

The tools of the zeitgeist are lies.

Even if you want to deny it or suppress it, lies cause misunderstandings and hatred, destruction and discrimination, lost time and much more, so that people would rather talk to and deal with artificial intelligence or an animal and thus feel better understood! This is also a very dirty attempt by the zeitgeist or the devil to lead humanity in his direction and to possess humanity by making the human-to-human relationship secondary or tertiary and this phenomenon has particularly affected the elderly!

You don't have to be an "Einstein" to recognise these simple observations, nor to realise that the sex of man and woman is being attacked to the utmost!

Instead of considering and promoting the position of women in the world, many capitalist societies and the women of foreign countries are demanding equality or equal rights for women, which will always remain unnatural and impossible for completely natural reasons!

Pretty much everyone who has achieved public prominence, such as in politics or public relations, picks a topical issue and develops it according to his or her or the majority's ideas, but no longer asks about the laws of nature or natural principles, which are non-negotiable!

Women's equality is now on the general agenda, including that of many celebrities!

In the end, so-called gender equality will only create men in need of help, who will inevitably be inferior to women, as the male world has other natural weaknesses, such as stronger sexual needs.

This male sex instinct can even vary from culture to culture, which nowadays is reinforced by the publicised stimulation of the male sex drive, especially by some women, through the media!

On the other hand, the man usually has the possibility of using violence due to his superior physical strength to the woman, which can also be increasingly observed in women's shelters!

But in the end, a so-called equal or equalised woman cuts off her branch on which she is sitting on because the man has become weak.

So she will always remain a seeker of male strength, because otherwise there can be no satisfaction for her for natural gender-specific reasons and loneliness will often be the actual result.

It is therefore really important to differentiate clearly between the two sexes in every relationship and it is important to categorise yourself correctly in society.

Hundreds of years ago, great religious leaders of other races and cultures felt or recognised for themselves that women could be dominant for the reasons mentioned and unjustifiably inscribed appropriate precautionary measures in the law books, which have regained their validity to this day, although many women affected have to suffer under these laws.

First and foremost, therefore, the man must be set on his feet so that the woman can also organise her life in a meaningful way as an equal person or partner.

There is a big difference between equal rights and equal value, which is not only evident in the way it is expressed, but is also clearly recognisable in the lifestyle or role of the woman and the man!

This means precisely that a woman by nature has different duties than a man and therefore the rights will inevitably be adapted or aligned to the respective duties.

Equivalence and protection must therefore first be created for men today, so that they are not controlled by all the sexual animations of women and must become weak through their sexual instinct, which means that wrong decisions by men are the order of the day!

Otherwise, over the course of time or years of marriage, the man and woman are usually no longer on an equal footing, with the woman dominating for the reasons mentioned!

This means in plain language: Finally clean up your "broken rubbish from advertising" from all media, including magazine publishers, so that people and especially men will be free from such rather diabolical sexual assaults and harassment!

Finally clean up the mail order business or the mail order and retail businesses in this respect and don't forget to demand that the legacies of Beate Uhse and her ilk be removed from the private spheres or households of the entire population!

The Cudgel of my person will teach you and your kind, especially when children and young people are confronted with the broken status of mixing or reversing the sexes!

Not only that, but now technology and the animal are making great strides into these "broken relationship boxes", but you and others than the highly endowed rulers from church and politics and even with doctorates are also sponsoring such morbid and inferior ways of life! No wonder there are more and more people in the world who feel attracted to the same sex or who feel they are in the wrong gender-specific body from the very beginning.

Put an end to your cheap behaviour and way of life, which only costs time, because general tidying up can't be too much to ask or too difficult to implement this simple command! First clean up the Europe-wide "pigsty" voluntarily, without the whole of television reporting on it, and then please finally clean up the worldwide "pigsty" without the help of TV news!


Ursula Sabisch


HP: One day, which won't be very far off, ALEXA may bark out of the loudspeaker or ALEXA may bark at you and the dog will finally want to use the toilet and toilet paper, you sick crackpots and you stupid geese!

Attention, attention: "At last the dog has good manners and the cat can behave properly!

 * Correction. Slowly but surely I am at a loss for words! 12 January 2024/ *27 May 2024.