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In the family matter

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                                                                      Fri, 24 May 2024 13:21:59 +0200

                                                                                    Ursula Sabisch 


The German-language document you may find here!

           Dear Mr. H. and Colleagues, Dear Readers,            

Regrettably, my person feels compelled to publish this document as well, since no extremely important instructions from my person have been obeyed and playing with an Empress and her nearest and dearest are obviously part of everyday life for you and your kind! For this reason, my person will have the sons of these aforementioned responsible persons in the family matter equally put in the state in which my son has been for years and is obviously still being abused in the matter today!            

May 24, 2024            

PS: Either you and others finally implement the contents, orders and instructions of the letters of the Empress, my person, and ensure that all 8 billion people will have sufficient means for the exit to the afterlife if necessary, or everyone will go straight into a rather cruel endless loop!

Start immediately with the most important thing. In Luebeck and the surrounding area, please continue with the dismantling of all toilet bowls and the associated flushing systems, otherwise my person will come up with something better for you and your kind as well as for others!            


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Thu, 16 May 2024 18:51:43 +0200

Ursula Sabisch>


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Mon, 13 May 2024 15:08:04 +0200

Ursula Sabisch>


                   Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany                    

Hanseatic City of Luebeck        

 Health Department          

Social Psychiatric Service          

Z. For the attention of Mr. H....         

        Sophienstr. 2-8                    

       23560 Luebeck                  


    Germany, Luebeck, May 13, 2024                  


            There are different forces at work, but ............                  

                  Dear Mr. H.......  Dear Sirs, ( Dear Readers),                    

As my contact person, you in particular are familiar with my decidedly friendly and authoritative manner in writing and I would like to reiterate and confirm this. Not only should you be familiar with my written manner, but my tone with the accompanying Cudgel should also have made the rounds!                    

But like every mother, of course, my person, as already discussed with you personally, worries about her own son, who as a baby and toddler was more than just an extremely beautiful child, as ordered from the catalog. Even an established older pediatrician could not remain without comment in this regard! But if you take a look at ......................, ................... I could cry! But he is not the only one in the family who has been completely ruined in this respect, either by life or by so-called fellow human beings, because my beautiful sister, who is a lot older than my son, has also been badly affected. The most beautiful people have to be ruined optically so that the rest of society can feel better about themselves, but my person doesn't agree with that at all!          

Only a few really beautiful people have remained attractive on the outside, but unfortunately these are only the exceptions, although a person's inner beauty is of course worth much more than anything else! Unfortunately, however, inside and outside are always connected and so people are often unclear or in conflict with themselves, even when it comes to external influences.                    

What is really unattractive is your and other people's manner of proceeding, according to the motto: We will keep everything open and, if necessary, send the Empress or the Empress's sister to a psychiatric ward once again. That is a very dirty thing to do, especially as it is not my person that has triggered your or other people's serious illnesses, but rather the evidence of the various mental illnesses of the population that has become clear through my person. My sister in particular has also become a victim of the former psychiatrists and their universal methods due to an incorrect dosage of the chemical mace, as every person is different.                    

This is only a fraction of the sordid story on your part, because my son is not doing very well due to your morbid way of doing things! If you and others would think a little more and a little better, you and others would know that summer hasn't even started yet, but the temperatures are already summer high and will continue to soar.          

What do you and others think it will be like in summer when all the fuel rods in the nuclear power plants will have no cooling water due to this heat, but only a warm broth, which we as Germans will feel preferably through our French and Polish neighbors due to the general ignorance in the matter of mentally disturbed people?                    

But we Germans have a few more immediate neighbors in this regard and Ukraine is not too far away from us either, which will eventually and at any time ...................  ! What do you actually think it must be like when energy-loaded nuclear particles are released in large quantities and reach humans and their genes and thus their unborn offspring as well as the food chain?

My person has already seen a documentary about Japan and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan, where it was shown how the skin fell off the bones of man and man was destroyed and corroded by nuclear energy!                  

Now you in particular, but also others, should actually ask yourselves what the above subject line means and why my person has addressed this letter to you again as my former contact person in the family matter! So I strongly advise you and others to get involved ........... in accordance with my instructions and to ensure that my son is financially and in every respect allowed to take care of his health and his son's upbringing as a part-time househusband and father.                    

Otherwise, it could really happen that not all the important forces will be able to work because my son will no longer exist and everyone, including uninvolved people, will pay the high price that has already become quite obvious! Perhaps other engineers should start working on the cooling of the fuel rods in good time, as nuclear energy will be used mainly for cooling the fuel rods and the economy will have to be forcibly converted to bicycles and crafts!                    

I am giving you three working days to allow my son a sustainable recovery and the desired quality of life. If my son does not inform me by Thursday, 23.05.2024 about the quality of life already demanded by my person for my son and implemented by you, then this letter will be published in shortened form. You and all those responsible, excluding your Authorities, will then be officially clubbed by the hand of my person in the presence of soldiers or the police and admitted to a hospital with a connection to a psychiatric ward for recovery!                    

Should a positive message from my son have been received in this regard, then my person will wait for an appropriate invitation from you as a visitor, as already announced, which will certainly take place in the psychiatric ward in Neustadt, Schleswig-Holstein!                    

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

PS: I will bring the Cudgel with me on the following visit, which is intended for some summoned psychopaths

and will be used!